Wednesday, September 29, 2004

The bully Posted by Hello

My daughter, the bully 

Yes, that sweet little face you see has become the class hitter. She's hit the same boy twice in a week's time. I hope this is a phase that passes very quickly. In the meantime, I guess I'll be reminding her not to hit on our ride to school.

Monday, September 20, 2004

Oh, yeah, I took her up on the roof 

On the way home from school today, the Girl mentioned that she had been up on Papa's roof with him. Since she's prone to wildly imaginative stories, I just said, oh really. She said, yes, it was a long, long time ago, I helped Papa work on on the roof. I asked if she was using her imagination. She insisted she had really been up there.

So I told the Aggie about this when he got home and he promptly called his dad. Of course, he was off working at the Republican Victory Center. So the Aggie asked his mom to have him call as soon as he got home.

I talked to my father-in-law at about 9:45 and told him the Girl's story. There was a long silence and then he said, oh yeah, I did take her up on the roof but that's been about six months ago. Yes, you read that right. He took my three-year-old baby up the ladder and onto the roof. He let her walk around on his roof!

I'm letting the Aggie handle this one tomorrow when he's awake because I love my inlaws and really don't want to scream at my father-in-law. Excuse me while I go color all the extra gray hairs that just sprung up.

Friday, September 17, 2004

Put down the damn cell phone! 

I was reading this at Tavia's today and it reminded me of something that happened to me last week. I meant to blog about it last week but that damn kid brain struck again.

Anyway, I hate when people talk on their cell phones in the bathroom! It's bad enough when they're standing by the sinks or mirrors but in the stalls? That's just gross. I walked into a restroom last Friday and heard someone talking in a stall. I figured she was talking to a friend in another stall. Then I realized only no other stalls were occupied. Yep, she was sitting on a toilet talking on her cell phone.

I couldn't wait for her to finish talking so I went about my business and hoped the person on the other end of her call could hear the toilet flushing. I'd love to know how she explained that to her friend.

Wednesday, September 15, 2004


I've been having trouble with my lower front teeth chipping recently. Then my tongue gets all torn up on the end because it hits the ragged edges. Awhile back, one of the techs smoothed out the worst one but that left me with a dip in my tooth. It looked funky. My dentist fixed that today so I look normal again.

But that's not the icky part. My dentist decided to make some models of my teeth so he can figure out why they're chipping and if a mouth guard would help. So now we get to the icky part. To make the models, you have to make molds of the teeth. This involves a metal tray that's filled with putty. The dentist sticks the tray in your mouth and you bite down into the putty which then squishes everywhere. After about a minute, it hardens slightly, so that Dr M had to really pull to get it out. The bottom teeth weren't so bad, but the top teeth, ugh. All that extra putty oozed up into the top of my mouth and was threatening to make my gag reflex kick in.

I never want to have to do that again. Yuck!

Just one more 

It's not that I'm not grateful I have the Girl. I love her dearly. But I really always thought I would have two kids. So far (two and a half years to be exact) the old body, she's not cooperating.

My friends, locally and online, are having their second, third, or fourth child and I'm thrilled for them. Then there are others pregnant with their third or fourth child that have me thinking, what the hell? What did I do that the whacks are procreating like bunnies but I can't provide the Girl with a brother or sister? It gets rather depressing sometimes.

So, when my friends announce their pregnancies and I'm about to try my last round of Clomid, I congratulate them. But I wish it was me.

Wednesday, September 08, 2004

That's embarrassing! 

You know, I knew I suffered from pregnancy brain big time with the Girl. And then, when I was nursing her, I always said she was sucking out my brain cells. But really, I thought it was getting better. That is, until yesterday.

The Girl and I had to run errands so I set the alarm and we ran out to the garage. Got the Girl buckled in her carseat and got in the car. Then I reached in my purse for my keys. They weren't there. I started panicking when I realized I must have locked them in the house. No spare key in the garage and my in-laws, who have a key and live up the street, were at work. I thought I was going to have to call the Aggie.

I was about to bang my head on the steering wheel when I noticed the keys. In the ignition. Yep. At least I could laugh at myself.

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