Friday, October 29, 2004

Five years ago this weekend... 

Kelley and the Aggie got married. We've never wasted much time in our relationship. We met in Sept 1998. I met his family one week later, he met my mom and step-dad the week after that. We got engaged four months after we met and were married nine months later. The following is inspired by A.K.

I know that the Aggie spent a lot of his day hanging out with family. His only real duty was getting the car over to the hotel. Me, I got to sit at Renee's for two plus hours getting my hair done.

Thankfully, those hours plus the time spent at Neiman's for makeup resulted in me looking like this:

The ceremony was just wonderful.

But I was ready for some peace and quiet with just the Aggie. Yes, I did change into sneakers after all the photos.

The reception was great. But I was so happy we had a little time to eat by ourselves before going upstairs. The cake was even more beautiful than I imagined.

But I was a little ticked off that the kids had eaten all the tuxedo strawberries off the groom's cake. Of course, it was chocolate so it still tasted delicious.

And no, we were no Slacker and the BWB but we did have fun dancing with all the kids.

And since we got married right before Halloween, the dj threw in the Time Warp just for the fun of it. Yes, I loves me some Time Warp.

We left in a shower of bubbles with a basket full of food, cake, and champagne.

When it was all said and done, it was an absolutely wonderful day and I was married to the love of my life.

Happy Anniversary, hon. I love you so much!

Thursday, October 07, 2004

Girls just want to have fun 

And starting tomorrow, 22 of us will be having loads of fun! I cannot wait to meet these women. Some I already know, like Holly, Nance, and Veeg. But all the others, like HG, A.K., Martha, and Jane, I'm all aflutter about meeting.

I plan on snuggling Nance's Runt and maybe sneaking in a hug on her if I can. ;-) Oh, and I plan on availing myself of A.K.'s hugs that induce pregnancy. And there will be plenty of pics and lots of drinking.

And nope, absolutely no guilt about going off and leaving the Girl alone with the Aggie. Heck, she's going to the Aquarium with her grandparents tomorrow, to the country Saturday, and who knows what on Sunday. So she'll be having a ball this weekend too.

Must say, I love the Aggie very much for always being so amenable to my trips to visit friends.

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