Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Black house, chartreuse trim 

While reading Tish's post about her uncle, LuLu, it struck me that maybe her uncle and my great-uncle are related. Or maybe just both a little off-the-wall.

Let me tell you a little about my great-uncle, J. He's my granny's baby brother and can annoy her like all get-out. He used to live in a small frame house on my grandparents' property. It was actually a nice little house. My parents lived there when they were first married. But it kept J and Granny a little too close together so they would get into big fights.

Once they had such a big to-do that while Granny and Grandad were away on vacation, Uncle J painted the house black. Then to make it even more unattractive, he painted the trim chartreuse. My granny had a conniption when she saw that house. Gradually the colors faded (Uncle J refused to repaint the house) so it wasn't so obnoxious.

Uncle J had a thing about saving beer cans. He always said he was saving them to take them to the recycler, but they just kept stacking up in his house. When kids would come to his house at Halloween, he'd give them grocery bags full of beer cans to recycle for their treat. My granny was mortified and told him to leave his porch light off the next year.

Then, there were the dogs. For some reason, he loved to name his dogs after presidents. I particularly remember Herbert Hoover, the rescued greyhound. Granny always wanted to know why he couldn't name his dogs normal dog names.

Uncle J lives up in Oklahoma now so I rarely see him. But Granny says he hasn't changed a bit, except to get a little ornerier.

Sunday, January 16, 2005

Want to know how to make my day 

and ensure you receive a big tip? When I order my mango margarita, make sure you tell me you need to see my id.

I think I surprised Jeremy the waiter when I thanked him for carding me. But dang if it doesn't make you feel good to be carded when you're 41.

Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Help a little 

I just read about this over at Billy's. At California Hammonds Greg is raising money for breastcancer prevention. He's donating a dollar for each comment posted up to 500 and others have joined him. Please go and comment. At 5:50 CST, he's at 436 comments and this is going on til 11:59 PST.

Wednesday, January 05, 2005

There's nothing worse... 

than waiting four weeks for a new episode of Lost, recording it, waiting til after West Wing, hitting rewind, and there are no rewinding sounds! Yes, the Aggie messed up and I am not happy with him! He just had to skip bible study tonight, didn't he?

Normally I'm the one doing the taping of Lost since he's at bible study and I just hit the record button so I don't have to mess with the switch-over to West Wing at 8:01. But he had to get all cutesy and program it with the DirecTV which means the DirecTV turns on the vcr to start the recording. However, if the vcr is not off, then the DirecTV turns it off, which means, you guessed it, no recording of Lost!

I'm seriously considering a DVR now.

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