Monday, February 14, 2005

Intrigue at my house! 

We live in an older home, circa 1977, so we're obviously not the first owners. I'm not sure how many people have owned this house. I do know of at least one couple plus they rented out the house a few times. I don't know anything about these people but there was something going on with at least one couple.

When we first moved in, my father-in-law was kind enough to floor our attic for us. In the process he noticed some of the insulation was dirty and found some holes in the a/c returns. While digging around in the insulation to fix the holes, he found two home-recorded cassette tapes. They had been up in the heat so long they couldn't be played but I always wondered about them.

Yesterday, the Aggie and his dad were working on another hole found in a return, this one behind the Aggie's bathroom sink. When they pulled off the return cover to work on it, they found three folded sheets of notebook paper. There was no signature and I have no idea who it was to, but in reading it, I figured out that at some point, some male in the house had had numerous affairs. And evidently, this pushed the woman to have an affair with the writer of the letter. I really wish there had been names so I could figure out who was involved.

Yeah, I'm nosy, but it's so intriguing!

Monday, February 07, 2005

Baby, you can drive my car 

We watched the Super Bowl yesterday. Okay, I watched it and the Aggie and the Girl endured it. I love sports and enjoying watching even when I'm not rooting for a particular team. I'm working on indoctrinating the Girl.

While she might not have liked the football much, she did enjoy the half time show. She loved the singing and the fireworks. I wasn't sure she was really listening to the music until she got this shocked look on her face and said, that's unsafe! We asked what she was talking about. She said, that man's singing about his baby driving a car. It's not safe for a baby to drive!

After we stopped laughing, we explained he was using baby as a term of endearment for a grown woman, not a real baby. She was relieved to hear a real baby wasn't driving.

Friday, February 04, 2005


That's how old my dad would have been last Sunday, the 30th. The Girl and I have been sick since Saturday so it just kind of passed in a blur. I didn't really think about the date until I actually turned the calendar to February yesterday.

This May will be 11 years since he passed away, so it is easier than it's been in the past. But it still hurts to look at the calendar and not see "Dad's b-day" written in the little block just like everyone else's. Dang, I miss him.

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