Saturday, May 14, 2005

Breaking my heart 

Good friends of ours from church are moving away to Georgia. I'll miss them a lot but The Girl is really taking it hard. Their oldest daughter, CA, is a very good friend of The Girl. Not only do they see each other at church but they go to the same preschool, plus playdates at our houses.

The Girl has gotten very sad every time she's talked about CA moving so far away. And the closer it gets, the sadder she gets. The other day she told me that a piece of her heart was going away with CA.

Just about broke my heart.

Sunday, May 08, 2005

Foreign object in left nare 

To be precise, it was an itty bitty orange ball, or bead, or pellet. And why did my child decide to stick this up her nose when she's avoided this for four years? And why on Mother's Day?! I have no idea. She found it at the playground and at some point in the car ride home, she tells the Aggie it's stuck in her nose. When asked why she did it, The Girl replied, I was trying to smell it but I couldn't so I held it closer to my nose and still couldn't smell it so I stuck it in there. The logic of four year olds amazes me.

Like any good parents, the Aggie and I tried to get the ball out of her nose. She did plenty of blowing but no success. We even hauled out the old baby snot sucker. Then the Aggie asked if I could use my tweezers to get it out. I told him no way was I sticking tweezers up her nose. So, off we went to the ER. It really wasn't too bad of a wait, thank goodness. We saw a doctor within 30 minutes. He checked her out and went out for what looked like a pair of really long tweezers. As he got ready to remove the ball, he said it was a good thing it was orange so he could see it through all the snot. Gotta love those seasonal allergies.

The Girl was very brave during the removal; no flinching, no crying. We asked her several times what she had learned from this experience. She told us she would never put anything in except a tissue. We'll see if this keeps her fingers out of her nose.

Friday, May 06, 2005

Revenge with friends. Or how to get your brother picked up by the police without really trying. 

I promised Rachael a story of high school and I'm here to deliver. Let me just say up front, I did not intend for my brother to get picked up by the police. He just had the misfortune to follow in my footsteps and get busted. So, without any further ado, Revenge with friends!

The summer before my senior year of high school, my best friend, Pam, and I worked at an ice cream store. Also working at the store were Carolyn S, hereafter known as the Boyfriend Stealing Bitch, and my brother's friend, Andy.

The BSB put the moves on Pam's boyfriend, Mike the Jerk, as well as putting out for him. This pissed off Pam to no end. So, we decided there was a need for revenge. We got together our group of friends and all of us piled into my mom's Buick to go toilet paper the BSB's house. Now, if we had just toilet papered her house, I'm sure that Scott and Andy would never have gotten in trouble. However, we were out for revenge, so we were not nice at all.

Being the experienced tp'ers we were, we parked in the next block and walked down in the dark after 10. We quickly wrapped the house, then commenced with the meanness. I was in charge of stringing the yard - take a roll of thread, tie it to a post, tree, or something, then wrap the yard in string. We dumped confetti in the flowerbeds, wrote very rude things on the sidewalk with shoe polish and Prell (it foams up very nicely when you try to wash it off). In short, we left a major mess and got away with no one the wiser.

Enter our two hapless victims, Scott and Andy. The BSB and Andy were working a shift together and she moved the clock ahead an hour so she could leave early. So Andy was stuck working two hours by himself. He and Scott decided to pay back the BSB by, you guessed it, toilet papering her house. Being the innocent babes they were, they had never wrapped a house so they showed up with two rolls of toilet paper and even parked in the same block. Because we had done such a job on the house, the BSB's parents were watching for someone to show up again and called the police when they saw the boys.

My brother was so rattled that when my dad got home with him, he finally realized he didn't have the car. My parents had to go back for it. My dad took Scott and Andy to apologize to the BSB's parents and they didn't press any charges since it was obvious that they were not the ones who had done the previous wrapping.

Needless to say, I didn't tell my parents that my friends and I were the ones that had trashed the BSB's yard for many years.

Thursday, May 05, 2005


We live in the city so you'd think the most we'd see in the way of wild animals would be stray cats and squirrels. Not so, my friends! I've seen the occasional opossum running across the top of the fence. So glad that they haven't come down from the fence. What has come over the fence and on to my back porch are raccoons.

We have a cat we have to keep in the backyard because she is not good about using the litterbox. The raccoons have been attracted to her food. What's not to like about free food, right? Unfortunately, one of them visited us at about 2 one morning and decided to move into Py's house! Poor thing got beat up and was pretty sick for awhile. After that, we got smart and brought the food bowl in at night.

Once the food bowl was gone, we stopped seeing raccoons. At least, they weren't around til this last weekend. So we decided this wasn't going to continue. We had a trap we had borrowed and set it Monday night after two of the rascals had visited. Sure enough, they came back and we caught one! He worked and worked on the trap to get out but to no avail. His buddy even came back and tried to help. We plan on catching him next!

Animal control came right out the next morning to pick up the raccoon. I'm very glad they had to deal with getting him out of the trap and not me.

Oh, and here's our prisoner.

Sunday, May 01, 2005

The answers 

I read your blog, every day...just not creative enough to come up with questions for you. London, I bet it's been pretty boring for you lately! ;-)

How come your hair is so shiny and perfect and mine is not?
MWAH! I love you, HG! I'm very, very fortunate to have inherited the shiny hair.

What's the weather like right now in Texas? I am hoping you say muggy and hot with swarms of weird birds that poop on everyone's heads... not because I wish that upon you. But because my group is on their every 6 months trek to San Antonio on Sunday and I wish that upon them.
April, sorry to disappoint you but the weather has been quite cool and pleasant here the last few days.

How did you and the Aggie Meet?
Now Ang, that's a story! ;-) An online friend from England, Isabelle (aka Izzy), came to Dallas for a week for her birthday. She stayed with some other online friends for a few days then I got her and took her to a baseball game and a They Might Be Giants concert on Friday night.

Saturday I was supposed to go to a company picnic and our friends, Marian and Steve, wants to show Izzy downtown Dallas. But they hadn't lived here that long so they wanted a guide. The Aggie had worked with Marian, who's also an Aggie, and was currently working downtown so she recruited him. They showed up at my apartment around 11 on Saturday. Izzy and I had been up maybe 30 minutes; just long enough to put on clothes, brush our hair, and have some coffee. They ended up talking me into going with them and skipping the picnic. The Aggie and I just clicked within about two hours and that was it.

Are you going to have any more kids? Does Lilli want a little bro/sis?
Rachael, sigh. I want to have more kids, but the body, she's not cooperating. You can look back in the archives if you want to know more. Lilli very much wants me to have a baby. She keeps talking about me having a baby.

Any good stories from when you were in hs or college?
Good stories from high school, yes, I do. I will share some in a few days. I have to work tomorrow and Tuesday so I'll try to post something Wednesday after the Aggie and I get back from my birthday outing.

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