Monday, August 15, 2005

No shots! 

That is phrase heard frequently in the Kelliloo house now. Unfortunately, the Girl has bad allergies. She's been getting three or four sinus infections a year since she was about two. So I talked to my allergist about having her tested. He said it wouldn't be a problem since she's four.

I knew the testing would be absolutely terrible because she detests shots and cries just thinking about them. We made it through the 19 skin pricks on the back after much crying. Then we went back two weeks later with the Aggie in tow for moral support for more sensitive testing on the arm. Oh, that was a bad scene! And now we know that the Girl is very, very badly allergic to oak and some molds.

Now that we know what she's allergic to, she can have shots to help with her allergies. So we've been driving to the allergist twice a week for a shot in each arm. She is not a happy camper. Tomorrow, I will start giving her the shots at the doctor's office and then we'll only have to go down there two more times before I can give her the shots at home. I'm really hoping that giving the shots at home will be less traumatic because she really is pitiful. Oh, and to add insult to injury, she has to have a new vaccination for the start of school. She's really an unhappy camper this week.

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