Friday, October 28, 2005


The Girl has a very vivid imagination. One minute she's a cat, the next she's a fairy. You never know if you're talking to the Girl or a princess cat.

But it's not just in play that she uses this imagination. She loves to help the Aggie with things around the house and comes up with her own unique way of doing it. When he vacuums, she gets out her old bubble popper and follows him around "vacuuming". Last Saturday, the Aggie was mowing and she decided she needed to mow. So the "vacuum cleaner" suddenly became a "lawn mower". She was quite proud of the job she and Daddy did on the backyard.

Monday, October 24, 2005

Musical theater or sporting event? 

"When did attending live theatre become an athletic event?" These were the first words out of my friend J's mouth when we walked out of the theater Saturday. Four of us went to see Wicked Saturday afternoon. We were all very excited about it but, evidently, not as excited as some of the other theater patrons.

When the lights came up on the stage, people were whooping. And when Elphaba came on stage for the first time, before she even sang a note, people were whistling and yelling, "woo, woo". It was bizarre! I mean, the actress was great, really, but it's a musical, not a football game.

Monday, October 17, 2005

Fire bad 

Since the Aggie was running late this evening, I thought I'd fire up the grill and get the pork chops going. Unfortunately, I forgot that when we replaced the gas element the ignitor didn't fit so well on the new element. I pushed and pushed on the start button but no fire.

I thought it wouldn't be any big deal to light it with the trusty Aim 'n Flame. Boy, was I wrong! First, I didn't realize there was a hole in the side of the grill for lighting the gas with a match or lighter. So I'm lighting it from underneath the grill. Big mistake! It lit quickly, in a big whoosh and I jumped back.

Since I wasn't flaming I thought I was safe. But when I walked in the house I noticed a funny smell. I put my hand up to my hair and it was crunchy! Yes, I had managed to singe the tips of my hair on the right side. Guess I'll be calling Renee for a trim, tout de suite!

Our State Fair is a great state fair! 

At least, that's what the Girl thinks. And really, so do I. I love to go to the Fair and it's even more fun going with the Girl. This year she was a lot braver and wanted to ride more rides. She wasn't even afraid when the plane ride or balloon ride went up.

And now, the Midway in pictures:


Monday, October 03, 2005

The Aggie rocks! 

Seriously! This last weekend I headed out to San Antonio to party with friends. This is the fourth time since the Girl was born that I've left the Aggie to fend for himself and the Girl. And he always urges me to go and the two of them have a great time.

This weekend, though, he outdid himself. Granted, he didn't have the Girl on Friday night. She went to my mom's house because it was the night of my mom's school carnival. But he picked her up Saturday morning and took her to a birthday party. That afternoon, he took her to the YMCA to swim. They came home and did some picking up around the house, including emptying all the trash cans and bagging up the newspapers for recycling. He bathed her with hair washing and combing afterwards. Sunday morning they had to be at the church at 8:15 for security duty. Right after church service was over they attended the church neighborhood block party. Then it was off to another birthday party for one of the Girl's school friends.

I was surprised that he wasn't just totally worn out by the time I got home at 6:45 yesterday. I really do think he is one kick-ass dad and husband.


It's all about Popular for the Girl. And it is all my fault. You see, I'm going with three friends to see this year's State Fair Musical, Wicked, on the 22nd. In preparation, I bought the soundtrack and have been listening to it in the car. It's really good and, yes, I do sing along with a number of songs. And the Girl is right there with me.

She loves the song Popular. We usually end up listening to it, and singing, three or more times in a row. She has most of words down pat and the little extra laughs and phrases that go along with it. The funniest thing is to hear a "puh-leeze" come out of her mouth at the appropriate spot. Or maybe it's her fake Kristen Chenoweth falsetto.

Whichever it is, I'm proud to have started her off in the showtune sing along at an early age.

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