Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Pre-K graduate 

I know it's silly but yes, the Girl's preschool had a graduation for the Pre-Kindergarten class. I remember having a graduation from kindergarten but that was way back when kindergarten wasn't part of the public schools.

The Girl's teacher, Mrs. B, got quite emotional over this class graduating. Of course, we parents knew that we had the special kids. So now, my little baby girl is going to be a big kindergartener. Somebody hold me.

The Graduate

The Girl and Mrs. B

A good man 

My grandad passed away earlier this month. He was in the end stages of Alzheimer's so it was the best thing for him. But that doesn't make it any easier for the rest of us.

Grandad wasn't the type to brag so I learned some things about him after his death that surprised me. I knew he was smart. He could fix anything electronic. Because of that, when he joined the Coast Guard during WWII, they sent him, a Texas farm boy who hadn't graduated from high school, to MIT for electronics training. He ended up serving on a secret radio base in the Aleutians and working for the OSS during that time.

Not only was he smart, he was creative. He and Granny got tired of waking up to an alarm clock every day, so he wired the clock to a radio and presto, the first clock radio. Too bad he didn't patent the idea.

He had loved his time as a radio operator and set up a ham radio in his workshop. He used to let my brother and I listen as he talked to people all across the country and the world. We were fascinated and loved to spend time with Grandad in his "room". About the only thing we enjoyed more was going to the "milk store", really it was just the grocery store, to pick up milk because it meant we could talk him into buying us a toy.

My grandad wasn't rich or famous, but he loved his family and we loved him. He was a good man.

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